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Geographical location and natural characteristics of Kuala Gula

Kuala Gula is a small fishing village located in the Kerian district in the state of Perak, about 50 km west of Taiping town and 80 km south of Penang. The local community shifted to Kuala Gula about 70-80 years ago from Teluk Rubiah. In earlier days, the mainagricultural crop was the sugarcane which supported the local sugar industry.

Hence, “Kuala Gula” as the name of the village was established viz. a coastal village that produces sugar. The current population in Kuala Gula is about 7,500 people. The Chinese form the majority, followed by Malays and Indians. Local people are mainly involved in the fishing industry (fish, shrimp and crab catches), cockle culture, and associated cottage industries related to shrimp paste and dry shrimp making.Due to its strategic location and rich natural resources, Kuala Gula is a popular ecotourism site. The vast mangrove forest, scenic river and sea views, traditional fishermen lifestyle and culture, rich coastal biodiversity, various rare and threatened bird species are the few attractions.

Kuala Gula can offer to people who wants to get away from the buzz of city life.For plant lovers, Kuala Gula is home to 17 true and associated mangrove plant species. For wildlife enthusiasts, you can see a number of wildlife species. For bird watchers, Kuala Gula is a haven for about 200 bird species. At night, you can observe owls hunting for preys in oil palm plantations and also hundreds of fireflies on the mangrove trees. Kuala Gula is really full of wonder.

Tour activities:

Visit to the mangrove trail and wildlife observation

Observation of forest birds and waterbirds

Boating trip to enjoy the sea view, mangrove forest and birdwatching

Visit to charcoal factory and cage culture farms

Visit cottage industry (Shrimp paste and dry shrimp processing)

Fireflies observation and wildlife night spotting

Visit Waterbird Interpretation Complex

Slide show on mangrove ecology and values; life cycle of fireflies

Also, to enjoy the delicious seafood. Services and infrastructure

Qualified nature guides and interpreters

Stay at Kuala Gula Resort Sanctuary

Meeting facilities also available

Things to bring

Sun protection items (caps, long-sleeve shirts, sunglasses and sun block)

Rain protection items (rain coats or umbrella)

Outdoor clothing and sport shoes

Mosquito repellent and medicines

Birdwatching items (binoculars and bird identification field guides)

and more importantly please bring an open mind to appreciate nature

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